Katrissa Album: January 2007

January 2007, Indiantown, FL

January finds us back in Vero Beach, where we will spend a month or so.

It's always fun to look at different boat names, but I think this is one of the best!

January 1, 2007, Vero Beach, FL

This is New Year's Day, and sometimes there are very difficult jobs that need doing.

Here is the crew working hard at demolishing a great pot-luck dinner!

January 2, 2007, Indiantown Marina, FL

Friends of ours needed some help getting their boat ready for launch, so a bunch of us have been driving about 1 1/2 hours to Indiantown Marina to give them a hand.

Here are some of the crew hard at work scrubbing the decks and scraping and painting the hull.

January 2, 2007, Indiantown Marina, FL

Can't be too careful with the various toxics in the dust and paint chips.

Here are George and Wanda suited up for the job -- and a little dirty too!

January 4, 2007, Vero Beach, FL

Thanks to Ruth-Anne for making us a couple of 'flag socks' to keep the flags from flogging themselves to death while we are in the marina.

The background is the club house at the Vero Beach Marina. There is a very handy (and free) bus that stops right outside the club house every hour and takes you to all the necessary stores for groceries, marine supplies, restaurants etc.

January 7, 2007, Vero Beach, FL

January has settled down into a trip here or there by car, and a few parties (did I say a few?!?)

These are the Birthday Girls! Wilma & Carla!!!

January 14, 2007, Grant, FL

These guys a a couple of the best guitar players we've seen. Each of them is named Scott, so when they play as a duo, they are known as "Scotts on the Rocks". When their bass player Greg is with them, they are "Trilogy".

The bar is a small place along US#1 named RJ's - check it out!

January 14, 2007, Grant, FL

Probably violating some sort of copyright here, but this is Chris Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers.

He dropped in to RJ's and sat it for a few songs. They say that Arlo Guthrie also lives in the area and has dropped in too.

If you go there and say "this can't be the place", then that's the place!

January 18, 2007, Indiantown Marina, FL

Back in Indiantown, doing more work, when this painted turtle decided to show up for breakfast!

January 19, 2007, Vero Beach, FL

Lots of people cruise with their kids. This one was irresistible!!

January 24, 2007, Vero Beach, FL

Wanda and Clive working on the best Italian meal we've had in a long time.

Check out Georgio's in Vero Beach!