Katrissa Album: February 2007

February 9, 2007, Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

We finally broke loose from "Velcro Beach" and are underway near Fort Lauderdale, bound for Miami.

I've always dreamed of having a small cottage by the water, with a handy dock right out front where I could tie up a boat :-).

February 11, 2007, Miami Beach, FL

We've arrived in Miami Beach, where we will spend some time and also attend the Miami Boat Show. It's one of the largest shows of it's kind in America and we will spend at least two days there.

The rest of the time we can hang out in the outdoor malls and cafes.

February 10, 2007, Miami Beach, FL

I took some time today to visit the Holocaust Monument in Maimi Beach. A very sobering place.

The large hand reaching up is surrounded by a wall, a pool, and a number of other smaller monuments. There is also some history of the period.

February 10, 2007, Maimi Beach, FL

Inside the wall surrounding the large hand are numerous small figures. On the inside of the wall are many names of those that were killed.

February 13, 2007, Miami Beach, FL

We did walk on South Beach a few times. Here's Wanda coming back from her shopping :-).

February 14, 2007, Maimi Beach, FL

Happy Valentines Day!!

We found this great little German restaurant on the Lincoln Mall where we had Valentine's Day lunch with a couple of other cruisers from North Carolina that we met in Vero Beach.

Food was great, and you can see that we are keeping busy waiting for it to arrive :-).

February 18, 2007, Coconut Grove, FL

We stopped in Coconut Grove, FL for their annual Artfest. The first couple of days were lovely weather and we enjoyed the show. Hundreds of painters, potters, jewelers, sculptors, and just about any kind of artist you can imagine had their talents on display.

However, one day was very windy as a front passed over very quickly with winds measured around 30kts (~58kmh). The pictures shows the front approaching with strong gusts and heavy rain.

February 20, 2007, Coconut Grove, FL

The waterfront in Coconut Grove is lined with marinas, and this old guy was sitting on a pile contemplating the world and taking in the sun :-)

February 23, 2007, Florida Bay, FL

For some reason, on this trip we have not seen as many ospreys nested in the waterway markers. I think the Coast Guard has done some cleanup because the nests had been around for so many years that they were obscuring the signs.

However, this one was still in use and you can see a young chick along with one of the parents.

February 24, 2007, Key Largo, FL

This one's for Donna!! She, her mom, and Wanda used to travel everywhere in one of these when they were younger.

After much negotiation, we succeeded in not buying it!

February 23, 2007, Florida Bay, FL

Our present boat requires a little over 4 feet of water to float, and when we started this year we would set our depth alarm to sound at 6 feet, giving us plenty of time to deal with the potential of running aground.

All that has had to change in the Florida Keys where, in parts, 5-6 feet of water is the norm. Now we set the alarm at 5 feet and happily motor along in the channel, at 6.1kts in this case, just above the alarm threshold, until we hear the beeping :-)

February 27, 2007, Islamorada, FL

This is the view from the little restaurant where we had lunch today, looking north east over Florida Bay.

The building is on the site of the old Long Key Fishing Club, built in 1906 and destroyed by an extreme hurricane in 1935. As the sign says, "This 'Garden of Eden' soon became the mecca for all of the world's great saltwater anglers. Zane Grey, writer and pioneer of Florida Keys fishing was the president."

February 28, 2007, Islamorada, FL

"Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water......"

As we were getting ready to leave this morning, Wanda spotted this 'monster' sunning himself on our dinghy - about a 3 foot iguana. Normally not a problem, except this time we wanted to use the dinghy ourselves :-)

So, after some discussion, trying to decide how it had gotten there and if it could swim or not, we prodded it with a boat hook and he jumped into the water and swam away like a fish!

It seemed incredible that it chose our boat since we were anchored out around 1/2 mile from shore!

February 27, 2007, Florida Bay, FL

We don't know what the little stakes are for, or why they are there, but these birds figured out how to put them to great use.