Katrissa Album: September 2001

Katrina & Larissa Sept 9, 2001 @ Bronte Harbour : Katrina and Larissa on a visit to the boat.

BHBC guys working on the boat Sept 14, 2001 @ Bronte Harbour : Katrissa at the dock and swarming with Adam, Gavin and John from Bronte Harbour Boat Company.

Gavin up the mast Sept 14, 2001 @ Bronte Harbour : Gavin at the top of the mast, removing the backstay.

Nearly done! Sept 26 @ Bronte Harbour : Almost complete! The canvas is on now, solar panels and wind generator installed.

Wanda packing Sept 26 @ Bronte Harbour : Wanda trying to find room for all the food. You'd think we're leaving for the Falklands!