Katrissa Album: October 2001

Last day at the farm Oct 7, 2001 @ The farm : Today we took our vehicles to leave them at the farm, and got to experience our first snow flurries of the season. It will be nice to be getting away!

Toronto Oct 10, 2001 @ Lake Ontario : We finally cast off on the 10th of October. This is the Toronto skyline from about 5 miles out.

At the dock in Cobourg Oct 12, 2001 @ Cobourg, ON : We spent a couple of nights in Cobourg fixing a couple of problems we encountered on the first 2 days and waiting for the weather to improve for a crossing of Lake Ontario.

You can see in the picture that we have the mast stored horizontally on the deck. We will need the reduced height when we get to the Oswego/Erie canal system which has bridges with clearances under 25ft.

Wanda consuming her first book Oct 15 @ Lake Ontario : After being stuck in Rochester, NY for a day, waiting for the gale force winds to abate, we are finally making our run for Oswego.

Weather is 20 knots from the west and a little cold; Wanda spends some of her time reading.

Oswego canal Oct 16 @ Oswego canal : Here's an interesting old home on the first stretch of the Oswego canal between Oswego and where it meets the Erie canal at Three Rivers Junction.

Fall colors Oct 20 @ Erie canal : Fall colours are beautiful on the canals. The only problem with travelling this late in the season is that many of the facilities are closed. We have to be careful and buy fuel and supplies when we find them.

Erie canal Oct 21 @ Erie canal : Taken from the commercial dock in Fonda, NY. We were hoping for a little stroll through the village but found ourselves inside the maintenance yard for the State Canal System. Since it was after 3:30pm, the gates were locked (government, you know) and we were trapped inside our own private 'gated community'.

In the morning, this is the view as the mist was lifting from the river and some people are out fishing.

Almost the last lock Oct 21 @ Erie canal : The boat in front of ours belongs to a couple from Detroit who have sold everything and are retiring to a life afloat.

By this time we have completed the 7 locks of the Oswego canal and are almost done the 23 on the Erie. Here we are at the pier just above 'Erie Lock 7'. It's the last lock before the famous 'flight of 5', five locks that drop you about 150ft from the Mohawk river to the Hudson in a little over a mile.

Hudson River light house Oct 27 @ Hudson River : This light house guards the entrance to the harbour at Kingston, NY. Behind it you can see the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge.

Hudson river light house Oct 27 @ Hudson River : Another light house along the Hudson. This one has a banner asking for donations to help in it's restoration.

Bear Mountain Bridge Oct 27 @ Hudson River : This is the Bear Mountain Bridge just south of the West Point military academy. In addition to the highway traffic, it provides the Hudson crossing point for the Appalachian hiking trail that goes from Georgia to Maine. During the American Revolutionary War, the Americans stretched a huge chain across the river just north of here to prevent the British warships from passing. Unfortunately, the British seized the chain (sending it to Gibraltar to protect their own harbour), then sailed up the river and burned the town of Kingston.

New York City Oct 29 @ New York City : The New York City skyline in the area of the Empire State building.

New York City Oct 29 @ Hudson River : This is the view from our berth at Liberty Landing Marina, right across the river from lower Manhattan. The two World Trade Center buildings used to stand to the left of centre in the picture behind the buildings with the pyramid and dome roofs, and were about twice the height of those buildings.

Statue of Liberty Oct 30 @ New York City : Just as we left the marina, Ellis island was on our right, followed immediately by the Statue of Liberty.

Amsterdam Oct 30 @ New York City : New York Harbour is very busy; this is the Holland America cruise ship "Amsterdam" leaving right beside us with the help of a couple of tug boats.

Atlantic City Oct 31 @ Atlantic City : We were fortunate to get a berth in Atlantic City that won't cost us anywhere near the US$140/night it would have cost to tie up at the Trump Marina & Casino.