Katrissa Album: November 2001

Breakfast Nov 4, 2001 @ Cape May, NJ : Wanda loves her toast in the morning, we rarely use the toaster unless we're plugged in to shore-power at a marina.

Calamari Nov 5, 2001 @ Cape May : We walked into a fishing terminal in Cape May, just across from our dock, and they were unloading a catch of squid. In addition to being an expensive resort community, Cape May has large sport and commercial fishing fleets.

Grand hotel Nov 7, 2001 @ Cape May, NJ : Cape May is famous for it's old wooden Victorian homes. This one was an old plantation mansion and has been renovated into an hotel.

Grand B&B Nov 7, 2001 @ Cape May : Many of the Victorian homes in Cape May are still private, but a lot of them are converted to B&B's.

Sport fishing Nov 7, 2001 @ Cape May, NJ : Most of the harbour looks like this, lined with fishing boats. We had strong winds for about 5 days so we (and the rest of the fleet) were confined to the docks.

Wanda at the helm Nov 8, 2001 @ Cape May : We finally were able to leave Cape May today, and got in a fine sail up the Delaware Bay and into the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to Chesapeake City.

Gossamer Wings Nov 9, 2001 @ Upper Chesapeake : This was the best sailing day of the trip so far. We sailed in 25 to 30 knot winds from 8am until about 2pm or 3pm, and then drifted downwind into Annapolis in 15 to 20 knots. This boat belongs to a couple from Massachusetts who have sold their home and are sailing south to live in Florida.

About this time I guess, my camera taking went on vacation because we had 3 beautiful days in Annapolis and I didn't take any pictures. Annapolis is the sailing centre of the Chesapeake, and most of our time was spent working on the boat, upgrading some of the lines and other things that didn't get done before we left.

USS Enterprise Nov 14, 2001 @ Norfolk, VA : On entrance to Norfolk, Virginia we passed the home of the US Navy and many of the ships in the fleet. We are told it is the greatest concentration of Navy hardware in the country.

This is the aircraft carrier "USS Enterprise". We passed within about 200 metres of it -- any closer and the two police boats standing guard would have warned us away, I'm sure :-)

Gossamer Wings Nov 18, 2001 @ Alligator River, NC : This picture was too pretty to leave out.

We had a lazy sail down the alligator river and this is one of the boats traveling along with us. And no, there have not been any alligators so far.

Dodging shoals Nov 25, 2001 @ The waterway in North Carolina : The intercoastal waterway is well marked for most of the shallow areas, emphasis on the word 'most'. The problem is that there are many shoal areas that shift around because of the currents from the rivers and ocean inlets and you must be on guard at all times to avoid running aground. This is Wanda watching the depth-sounder as she 'sniffs' out the location of the deeper water.

During the last couple of days we've sailed through schools of dolphins that swim along with the boat and sometimes jump right beside us. It has been impossible to get a good picture of them.

Houses on stilts Nov 25, 2001 @ The waterway, NC : Because of the numerous storms and hurricanes along the Carolina coast, a great number of the houses are built on pilings to allow for the surge of water that usually comes with the storm. Some of the houses don't use pilings, but most of the living area is still on the second floor and above, leaving the ground floor for a garage or other storage.

Cape Islander Nov 26, 2001 @ Wrightsville, NC : With all of the limited depth and narrow channels on the Waterway, this is probably the right boat for this trip!

Waccamaw River Nov 30, 2001 @ Wachesaw Landing, SC : We are finding this part of the Waterway to be very interesting. The names alone conjure up fascinating images. There's the "Rock Pile", "Pine Cut", "Barefoot Landing", "Waccamaw River", "Cow House Creek", and of course "The Great Pee Dee River", whatever that means :-).