Katrissa Album: May 2002

Hull scrub May, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL :

Wanda cleaning the topsides. Vero was nice but the algae and other stuff that grows in the salt water was very aggressive.

Oh s@$t May, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL :

This poor couple had their trip interrupted by the novice operator at the Ft. Pierce North Bridge. They were right under it when the operator closed the span on top of their mast! You can see the pieces (in front of the another 3 boats) tied above the deck.

Peck Lake May 9, 2002 @ Peck Lake, FL :

You won't believe it, but we left Vero Beach!

This is a few days further down the Waterway. We stopped at an anchorage at Peck Lake which is only separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a few yards of sand dunes. This is Wanda on the beach there, looking for shells.

Hobe Sound May, 2002 @ Hobe Sound, FL :

Just a little cottage by the Waterway!

Jupiter Inlet May, 2002 @ Jupiter Inlet, FL :

I didn't realize that they left the ice-fishing huts out all summer!

Gulf stream May 13, 2002 @ In the Gulf stream :

Finally!! After a day in the anchorage at Lake Worth, we are on our way to the Bahamas - it's been a long time coming.

And it's the first time we've had the sails up for a long long while - feels great.

Gulf stream May 13, 2002 @ In the Gulf stream :

You may be able to see the deep blue colour of the water - quite a change from Florida.

We were told that the stream would be up to 25 miles wide starting between 1 and 12 miles off the Florida coast. So much for that advice. West End in the Bahamas bears 98 degrees magnetic from Lake Worth but as soon as we cleared the jetties we were steering 130 degrees and still being pushed North. Our track to West End looks like a great 55 mile arc.

Grand Bahama May 14, 2002 @ West End, Grand Bahama :

Yesterday we checked into the Bahamas, another first for Katrissa and her crew.

A short mile walk to town and conch shells piled beside the road.

Old Bahama Bay May 14, 2002 @ Old Bahama Bay :

A mile to town and back requires some reward!!

Port Lucaya May 15, 2002 @ Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama :

"Ya put da rum in da coconut........" - it makes your hair grow.

Spanish Cay May 20, 2002 @ Spanish Cay, Abaco :

Spanish Cay is a privately owned resort that had a lot of damage from Hurricane Floyd a few years ago - that's true of a lot of the Abacos.

However, lunch on the beach is still nice!

Spanish Cay May 20, 2002 @ Spanish Cay, Abaco :

Wanda taking pictures of beach life!

Green Turtle Cay May 25, 2002 @ Green Turtle Cay, Abaco :

New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay is a small historic village that is trying to present a picture of the Abacos as they were some years ago. There is a good museum and this sculpture garden which commemorates the British Loyalists that settled the Abacos after the American revolution. It is said that they stayed in America until after the war but were driven out by hostility from the victors and some were charged with 'treason' for not joining the revolution. Interesting concept; I guess it depends who wins!

Green Turtle Cay May 26, 2002 @ Green Turtle Cay, Abaco :

One of the older houses in New Plymouth, once the home of the governor, I believe. Now a hotel and restaurant.

Green Turtle Cay May 26, 2002 @ Green Turtle Cay, Abaco :

This is one of the main activities of the cruising life. Waiting for something to open, waiting for someone to arrive, waiting.... Here I think we are waiting for the museum to open.

Treasure Cay May 29, 2002 @ Treasure Cay, Abaco :

Treasure Cay was one of the places we had to go. Katrissa was kept here by her previous owner in the years before we bought her and we wanted to close the circle.

Treasure Cay May 30, 2002 @ Treasure Cay, Abaco :

Cheers to Gord!!

And thanks to Dave for the Champagne!

Sea of Abaco May 31, 2002 @ Sea of Abaco, Abaco :

You won't believe how much work sailing is!!

On the way to Marsh Harbour....