Katrissa Album: January 2002

Courthouse at Brunswick Jan 19, 2002 @ Brunswick, GA : We got back to Brunswick, GA on January 14 and spent a couple of days relaxing and using our rented car to see a bit of the area. We went to St. Simon's Island, a playground for the rich and famous, and we saw a bit more of Brunswick.

This is the courthouse, an old landmark in the area, surrounded by ancient oak trees draped in Spanish moss, some of them up to 900 years old.

Courthouse at Brunswick Jan 19, 2002 @ Brunswick, GA : Another view of the Brunswick courthouse.

Fernandina Beach Jan 20, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : Well, we finally made it to Florida! We chose to run outside on the ocean for the trip from Brunswick to Fernandina Beach. The weather was quite favorable, and we were not too enthusiastic about picking our way through the shallow water in that part of the waterway.

This is Katrissa at the dock in Fernandina Beach. You can see how we are out fitted, with solar panels and a wind generator.

Fernandina Beach, FL Jan 20, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : We arrived late in the afternoon and took a stroll down the main street of the historic old town. There are many old buildings from early in the town's history and the Chamber of Commerce provides a pamphlet for a self-guided walking tour.

Wanda spotted a store that featured local artists and bought some pottery. There goes another centimeter of waterline :-).

High and dry! Jan 20, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : It was low tide when we got back to the boat and, to our surprise, the main part of the marina was above the waterline and many of the boats were sitting on the exposed tidal flats. We're glad that we're on the outside dock! Tides in this area are around 6 feet.

Forecast for tomorrow is rain.

Fernandina Beach, FL Jan 21, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : On Monday, it rained fairly hard so we stayed put, sat in a nice coffee shop, and passed the morning there. When it stopped raining we walked around the town.

Here's Wanda under an impressive oak tree hanging out over highway A1A.

Popcorn and Ice Cream Jan 21, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : This guy was guarding a large barrel of popcorn in the ice cream store. We just had to stop!

Parade Jan 21, 2002 @ Fernandina Beach, FL : January 21st was Martin Luther King Day and all the government offices were closed. Around noon we heard a lot of singing and this parade started up the street.

It was led by this group of men, I think they were the local Lodge, and then a number of cars full of people celebrating, honking their horns, and singing. I imagine they would have been walking had the weather been better.

Confederate Monument Jan 23, 2002 @ Jacksonville, FL : Today was a fun and interesting day. We started out pounding against the wind to get out St. Mary's Inlet and onto the ocean. Then a very nice 3 hour run down the coast with the wind on our port quarter, a little rolly for Wanda I think. We arrived at the mouth of the St. Johns River around 1PM and just into the flood tide which then gave us a fast run up the river to Jacksonville.

We tied up at a dock right in the middle of the downtown area; this is a monument to the Confederate soldiers who fought in the American civil war.

We have a small oil leak in our new engine so, tomorrow we move up the Ortega River to get it dealt with, fortunately under warranty. The entrance to the river has only 5 feet of water at low tide (we need 5 1/2) so we'll need to go in around high tide when it's about 7 feet. (I guess we'll have to remember that when we go to leave too ;-).