Katrissa Album: February 2002

Craft Fest Feb 1, 2002 @ Ortega River, FL : It turns out that getting an oil leak fixed is quite an adventure. We've been here a week and are still only part way through the process. The good news is that there are a lot of fun people here, living on their boats, some of them working in the area, and we all got together for snacks and an exhibition of crafts.

These are some of the folks, and you can see one of the crafts (balloon hats)!

Craft Fest Feb 1, 2002 @ Ortega River, FL : Another balloon hat!

This is Pete, a retired lock picker, or maybe it was locksmith.

Craft Fest Feb 1, 2002 @ Ortega River, FL : It took 100ft of rope to make the mat.

"Sammy" the boat-cat liked it too!

Craft Fest Feb 2, 2002 @ Ortega River, FL : One of the ladies on another boat taught Wanda how to make jewelry out of wire and torn-up magazine paper.

This is the result! Not bad!

Jacksonville Landing Feb 4, 2002 @ Jacksonville, FL : Finally, we have everything working and are underway. We left the Ortega River Boat Yard in the afternoon (needed the high tide to get out of the place!) and went back to Jacksonville Landing, a boardwalk area right in the middle of beautiful downtown Jacksonville.

Here we are tied up at the Landing; we'll leave in the morning and run the 20 miles down the river on the ebb tide.

Bridge of Lions Feb 5, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : The run down the river was perfect and we even timed it to get a push up the Intercoastal most of the way to St. Augustine.

This is the "Bridge of Lions" which marks the entrance to the St. Augustine area. It is a bascule bridge that opens every half hour except during the morning and evening during rush hours (there a many bridges that do that). We just made it for the last opening before rush hour and tied up at the Municipal Marina.

Bridge of Lions Feb 5, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : Thought you all might like to see it opened!

Visitors Center Feb 6, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : The historic downtown of St. Augustine is one of the most beautiful cities on the waterway. It has an interesting history of Spanish and English conquest and was also held by the Confederate States during the American civil war.

This is Wanda at the visitors' center.

Flagler College Feb 7, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : The "Ponce de Leon Hotel" was built in 1885 by Henry Flagler who, along with J. D. Rockefeller, founded Standard Oil. It was the first major building in the US to be constructed of poured concrete, and many of the stained glass windows were made by Tiffany's in New York.

In 1968 it was converted into Flagler College.

Dock Heron Feb 7, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : We've seen many birds and other wildlife on this trip, but this guy had taken up residence on the dock here in St. Augustine. He just stood around the edge and fished, sometimes successfully, and didn't mind if people walked by quite close.

Dinner Feb 7, 2002 @ St. Augustine, FL : Two people from Ontario; two people from Montana, and two people from Massachusetts, and the remains of one of the best dinners any of us had had in a long while!

Sunken! Feb 9, 2002 @ The Waterway, FL : This is not how it's supposed to be done!

It just serves to remind us to be on our toes and STAY IN THE CHANNEL!

Daytona Feb 9, 2002 @ Daytona, FL : Lots of bridges to deal with as we pass through Daytona.

Vero Beach Feb 11, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL : After a couple of days of rain, we arrive at the Municipal Marina at Vero Beach. As you will see, it's kind of like the Hotel California: "you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave".

Artfest Feb 16, 2002 @ Coconut Grove, FL : We rented a car and went to the Miami Boat Show.

We then spent two days at the Coconut Grove Artfest, a large outdoor show with over 300 artists. Wanda was in her heyday!

Cattle Feb 16, 2002 @ Near Ft. Pierce, FL : Florida beef should be sweet; they feed the cattle on oranges and grapefruit!

Captain Feb 18, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL : Back in Vero Beach, and the captain is getting some work done, probably working on the web page.

Birthday girl Feb 19, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL : Wanda gets birthday greetings from her cousin!

Party at a bar! Feb 26, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL : By this time, we've been here a couple of weeks, and I don't think this picture needs any explanation.

Can you say "Party at a bar!"?

Party on a boat! Feb 27, 2002 @ Vero Beach, FL : Can you say "Party on a boat!"?